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  1. One Last Tear

From the recording One Last Tear


- Thanksgiving Day in '02 To heaven's gate that birdy flew. We all drew near. She had no fear. Her palid cheek tracked one last tear. She sang each night the Lord's Prayer. I hear her voice still everywhere. When I get tired and lose my way her song comes through the light of day. The devil never touched her soul. She stayed away from it's control. Her Mom and Dad taught her so the sunny side was where she'd go. She could soften a jaded soul hardened from the man's control. Set you free and listen to her voice inside pure and true. We hadn't gathered for thirty years. Took Mother's to bring us here. She passed away so peacefully Thanksgiving eve with her family. I looked above. She hovered there. Eyes a shinin' blue and clear heeks of rose so young and fair. Her shining eyes had one last tear. And there was Father handsome and young with Beth Louise. Their time had come. Light shined through their silver wings. The moon rose up. The church bells did ring. Oh Brother, Sister, and neighbor too I wish the best for all of you. To heaven's gate we'll fly one day. Like our dear mother for us I pray. There's peace and rest in heaven's nest with mother dear shed one last tear.