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  1. Eternally

From the recording Eternally


- When I was a younger man of tender age and fair, and bent upon a lifelong plan, my music I would share. I spent my days at work with my guitar and violin. Music my devoted search for God was there within. "It won't be long," I used to say, "a master I will be. Others then will come my way with their camaraderie." And so it was, my name was known and welcomed everywhere. Upon the eve success mine own a woman brought my heart despair. "Come unto to me and taste my wine, And feel the warmth of love devine. And let me soothe your weary soul So I may aid you toward your goal." And so I took her unaware. No fear of danger hidden there. In lover's weakened sleep I lay. My music did she steel away. But she had want of more than me so others shared my misery. And deeper was my sorrow driven until with madness I was ridden. My violin, it would not sing. My hands did shake upon the strings. My sure guitar had lost it's song. My life no more could I prolong. Tomorrow they will bury me beneath the whispering willow tree, So I may hear it sing to me it's gentle tune eternally. It's gentle tune ....