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  1. Death of a Fool

From the recording Death of a Fool


- Hardend by a howlin' wind Wending through his soul No one dared to know him No one did he care to know He walked out in the street that day The sun was in his eyes "I can't see you anyway. The years have robbed me blind." "Who is it you used to be? They can tell your kin. I know you don't understand this peril that you're in." I was young and fast and tough. My hands began to shake. I realized he'd come from hell. My soul was his to take. His howlin' wind touched my soul And froze me in my stance. I was not one of his kind And could not shake his trance. I heard a death-drum sounding. The pounding of my heart "Take a breath, it's your last. You fool, I'll let you start." "I have killed so many fools who've had a life like mine. I'd just as soon kill a fool. Make your move, it's time. A man like me has got no home. I'm always on the ride. You're standin' there already dead. I feel you're paralized." "I can raise you from the dead. Just turn and walk away." Faces flashin' through my sleep Men rotting in their graves "Why you could go and join a church. Get married, have a son. Turn around, walk away. Your time has surely come." "Turn, turn, lay your guns aside. I won't say it anymore. You fool you must decide." I watch my grandchildren play. My heaven on this earth That old gunman lived in hell. Hell paid him for his work. And every breath I take I owe to that old man from hell. He let a fool walk that day. This story I can tell. Turn, turn, lay your guns aside. I'll say it while I breath. That day a fool inside me died.