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  1. Uncle John

From the recording Uncle John


- Uncle John was a muskellunge. Up in northern Wisconsin Deep in the forest of Chewamegon The Chippewa flow to Namakgon. He roamed the waters Of the Buffalo. A Muskie that no man would hold I dreamt his spirit called to me. This could not be him calling me. “Swim with me. You’ll want to roam. Come swim with me. You’ll want to roam.” I dove into the dark and it felt like home. I breath the cold waters in. My legs and arms turned into fins. Uncle John said “I’ve been watching you. You tried to catch me with your lures. You and me, we are the same. Solitary we’ll remain.” We swam to the points. We cruised the bays. Circled three islands along the way I said “You’re imprisoned by the lake.” He said “Your thinking is a mistake. My spirit roams the universe. Humanity is a prison. That’s a curse.” Humanity is a prison. That’s a curse. Uncle John led me to the deep. He turned in a circle and gnashed his teeth. I flew for the top and I jumped so high. I flipped out of bed, ass in the air Cracked my head Uncle John lived thirty summers of life. When he died the snappers fought for his hide. Sometimes I’ll open my eyes at dawn And I’ll have dreamed of Uncle John. On the Bayfield-Ashland county line Throwin’ hell-benders in the warm sunshine Uncle John will ease me mind. Buffalo Lake and the summer time Buffalo Lake and the summer time