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  1. Twinkles and Bill

From the recording Twinkles and Bill


- Straight up from the bend At Oglesby’s end A town named Jonesville My story begins. God’s little acre A shack on the hill Lived two poor rug-makers Twinkles and Bill. Humpbacked and ancient Bill’s strength was his patience. Twinkles was fragile Younger and sagile Bill cared for her. He loved he so On God’s little acre. I thought you should you know. Our hand-me-downs Mom saved. Bill would stop by. A rug he would make. Five dollars was his take. Our memories he’s spin That’s what Mamma said back then. For magic was everywhere you see I was just ten. And when Bill dreamed He dreamed of his loom Cause that’s what Bill thought about. That’s what Bill knew. Weavin’ his rugs For food and for money Life was just hard Not milk and not honey. Summers were sticky hot And winter had cold hands. An ice storm hit us hard And covered the land. Twinkles did fall. She was broken in two. Bill went for help. He never made it through. And when Twinkles dreamed She dreamed she could fly Over the Vermillion river And through the stary skies. At a speed she thought was really fast She would go zippin’ by. But mostly she would dream Of ice cream and apple pie. Twinkles has two brothers Named Snowball and Midnight. The brothers found the two under Six inches if ice. Twinkles had crawled to him Cause that’s were Bill was. Out there together They died with their love. In the middle of the Lincoln land Off of 151 Remember two little partners That lived ‘round there once. All the people in the world That have passed on through All the little lives All the people that you knew Straight up from the bend At Oglesby’s end A town named Jonesville My story ends. About two little lives Two souls Well that’s the end of my story. That I thought you should know.