Swingin' in the Saddle

Word and music by Greg Ryder


- Swingin’ in the saddle Singin’ a cowboy song Horse knows what to do We been together for so long Mike lets out a yodel Old griz knows we’re around Good to be out West Yodelin’ along Life is like a yodel She’s got her ups and got ‘er downs City makes me crazy I’m on the outward bound Where I can see the stars The big bang made for me to see While the universe expands I’ve been set free --- yodel --- Cookie’s bakin’ biscuits Red-eye gravy in the pan Bacon beans steak and coffee A feast for any man Cobbler for a sweet dream A dream’s what I’m in Mike recites “A Cowboys Life” We all got the grins Peaches in the whisky Rick expounds upon the day Starin’ in a camp fire Man, it’s hard to look away A hush surrounds the boys Just a listenin’ to the night Better than anything I know That anything I know has the right Everybody’s dozin’ Another day’s soon a hand A ropin’ and a ridin’ Hey there’s another one to brand The west is where I’m livin’ Rocky mountains what I need I’m getting’ sort of tired boys Someone please take the lead --- yodel --- Sleep beneath the sky All lit and set a shine Never been this sleepy Never felt so gol-durn fine Dream of Julie Ellen Sleepin’ by my side Life’s a pretty rainbow I’m so satisfied Well I sure can’t retire boys Why would I leave this life Till I cannot ride or rope Or cook or just survive Lean beneath a tree The sun and moon will set and rise I’ll die there with my boots and hat And old horse a grazin’ by my side --- yodel --- Swingin’ in the saddle Hummin’ a western tune Old river is a runnin’ Mountain flowers are a bloom Aspen seem to sway In rhythm with my song There’s another little doggie Move along little doggie, move along --- yodel ---

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