Men Of Science

Word and music by Greg Ryder


- Men of science young and vibrant write their papers and report that human life can be much longer, could be fuller, it's much too short. Charlie waits for a driver. All day long sittin' by the door. Marguerite plays "Jesus loves me," a song she learned when she was four. They take some pills to help them sleep. The next day is a repeat. Their dreams and memories are gone. Their bodies linger on. I've heard some people say "they hate to pay to help the needy and the poor." And the folks that have the assets will loose their homes and all that they've worked so hard for. Charlie's son lives out in Denver. A thousand miles away from home. Marguerite has outlived her daughter. She can't remember. She's all alone. We can build more facilities. It will help to keep the market strong. And the youth that erect these places will have a place where they can linger on. There are people who believe that life can be too long. When one's lost all worth living for it's lonesome time for those who aren't so strong. Men of science young and vibrant write their papers and report.

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