Streets of Durango

Words and music by Greg Ryder


Sittin’ on a stool. The old Diamond Belle. Hangin’ kind’a loose In the Strater Hotel. The old man said “I seen ‘em come and go ya’ know. Walkin’ the streets of old Durango.”  “Sir may I get you a shot and a beer?” He saddled up and said “Set ’em right here.” Listened to his stories I could see him as a child as his eyes lit up and his mind ran wild.  “I seen ‘em come and go ya’ know. Still on a roll ya’ know. Walkin’ the streets of old Durango. Old Durango.”

We shared some laughs by the end of the night; had fun with everyone that came in sight. In a nice way though we were on a roll; talkin’ bout the streets of old Durango. He said “Bartender, my friend will pay for my bill. I’m ahead’in on out. I’ve had my fill. Gonna watch ‘em come and go you know. I’m on a roll. Walkin’ the streets of old Durango.” 

“Bartender, I’ll pay for that old man that was sittin’ here.” Bartender said “Now Greg, Ya’ ain’t

been a’talkin’ to no one near. Been talkin’ to yourself, just a guzzling’ beer. You been on a roll,

Greg. Mumblin’ something’ bout the streets of old Durango.” 

Folks might think I’m crazy but from time to time I see that old ghost ridin’ the Silverton Line.

He’s on a roll watchin’ ‘em come and go and that train whistle blows through the streets of

Durango. Still warmin’ up a stool in the old Diamond Belle; actin’ like a fool. Hell, I know it

damned well. Folks say what they want to, yes they do. Say I’m a’goin’ to hell. Well, to hell with

’em too.  I like it here just like this. Mr. Barker has a room for me if I’m a little at risk. I was livin’

on a dollar; makin’ just a dime. You might say I’m from another time. Somewhere in ‘tween

180 and 1969.


If you close your eyes, look inside your mind. You can see that see that cowboy ghost from

another time. You’ll be on a roll watchin’ ‘em come and go. Walkin’ the streets of old Durango.

Walkin’ the streets of old Durango. Old Durango.

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