Guitar Hands

Words and music by Greg Ryder


- Please, another glass of whiskey While I finish up this old cigarette. Well it sure has been nice talkin' to you. I better take my cue, the boy are up on stage. There's another set to play before we call it a day. Ah honey, please don't get all sad and misty. I know what we have done is kind of risky. Yeh, we all choose a road in this life we have. I'm just another grain of sand washed up on shore, honey. Before the tide rolls in I'm going to play a little more. I'll take these guitar hands. I'll bet on these old guitar hands. I'll take these guitar hands. Yeh, I'll play for you, that's what I do. The whole night through, yeh, the whole night through. Well how many time I've wondered. So many times I've tried to change. Too many times I've tried to rearrange. Every time I flip that coin it still comes up the same. Yeh, it comes up the same. I've worked a hundred honkey tonks, guitar bars. I've known a thousand guitar stars. Well, you might tell by the calloused fingers and the face I'm wearin'. This ain't store bought soul. I live every verse and every note. I feel free givin' her my all. Man I've had a ball. Well thank you Miss Bartender. Thank you for the compliment, honey. It's sure been good getting' to know you. Yeh, and next week me and the boy are workin' down in Houston town. We really get around. Back this way another day. I'd really like to stay. Can't lay this guitar down. I'll take these guitar hands. I'll bet on these old guitar hands. These old guitar hands.

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